2016 Goals

In general, 2015 was me being a work in progress.

I started the year badly and I didn’t know it was going to go downhill from there on. I didn’t even bother to come up with new year’s resolutions because 2014 was lacking in so many departments—true story, I told myself I was going to end everything come December 2015.

But somehow, when I thought nothing was going right; people, circumstances, situations suddenly aligned. It was as if fate was playing a prank on me. Fast forward to today, I feel much better about life. I, including my family, kicked off 2016 with a bang and a loud thud. My sister celebrated her first new year in Manila after working in Singapore for five years. Hopefully, one of the things that we’ve been wishing as a family, will arrive during the first quarter of the year.

But how do I really see myself in 2016? Simple—with these resolutions:

  • Write more blogs and articles. Continue drafts that have been begging to be finished. Get creative again with the short stories I never completed. And write more Tagalog ones. Here’s an excerpt of a composition I did years ago that I unearthed while general cleaning:

Babyahe ako sa umagang madilim pa sa isang saradong kwartong na ni-aninag mula sa bintana ay wala. Makikipagsiksikan sa mala-sardinas na bus na puno ng mga estudyanteng tulad ko at mga trabahador na kinakalaban ang sarili nilang mga kaaway.

Kung hindi sana ako tinanghali ng gising ay hindi sana ako nakatayo sa bus kanina. Natalo nanaman ako. Natalo ng pagod mula sa maghapong iskedyul sa eskwelahan. Natalo ng oras na mabilis pa sa kabayong pinagpustahan ng karamihan. Natalo ng pinagsamang pagod at oras; mga bagay na parehas mahirap layasan.

Pait, March 2012

  • Read more books because Journalism entails a plethora of required (and unrequired, admittedly) readings. Truth be told, I have more than five unread books that I haven’t touched since God knows when.
  • I should really spend less because most of the time, I have no money. It can be my training so that when I graduate and finally start earning on my own, I can save for my future car. And something extravagant for my parents like a Louis Vuitton bag for Mama or a signature watch for Papa.
  • Start living by being more thankful with what I have. I guess it goes without saying that I’m more of the “spoiled” one between my sister and me because I’m the youngest. (Emphasis on the quotation marks because I don’t really ask for something unless it’s so worn out.) That’s why I have this mind-set that because I maximize the use of an item, in return, I can “show” Mama something that I really like. (In hindsight, it’s just me letting her know what I want to receive in the future.) But whenever I never see any progress with my hints, I get so frustrated, sad, and sometimes a little angry.
  • Be early OR on time. I should stop being lazy and do what I need to immediately or when time permits.

I really wish that everything happens when I look back at this a couple of months from now. I remember my Fil1 professor telling us that whenever you write something, it happens. At that moment, I came to a realization that indeed, everything I wrote almost always happen. I even wrote one about it. But that’s just me; I’m just not too sure with some people.

How about you, what do you plan to achieve this 2016? 🙂

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