Being in Between

It’s hard to pen a name, make a mark, think of a title, or come up with a really catchy domain. (Do you say, do-main or doh-main? Because I say the former. Ha ha ha!”

“Oooohh, what if”

*searches for*

“Damn it, it’s already taken!”

“Why not put dashes?”

“ Isn’t that too long?”

“Why not, though?”

*searches for*

“Oh, it’s available!”

“But it’s still too long.”

*insert sad face*

I wasn’t talking to anybody; it was a conversation with myself.

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March 2017 Favorites

For someone who cannot commit to regular posting, monthly favorites is such a life saver.

Disclaimer: Not everything in here are last month’s fave. In fact, a lot of these had been in my list from the last time I posted in October up to last month.

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Going Analog: My Bullet Journal

One of the reasons why I started doing bullet journaling in 2013 was because it made me do things without using my phone. I mean, I can honestly just list my to-do’s and recipes and to-buy but it also means I’ll get distracted by those evil social media apps and games.

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On restarting and uncertainty

Hello? Mic. Test. Mic. Test. Mic.

Going on a break from the blogging community had resulted to a good outcome. For one, I think about so many potential topics to write about; mostly personal thoughts, oftentimes relatable experiences.

BREAK: It feels weird to literally type. I haven’t written anything in a long, long time.

As of this writing, I still don’t know what domain to register. My old URL is now expired and is more expensive than ever. So, if you’re reading this right now, I’m so sure I have finally unearthed something to call this place. (Anxiety: what if you don’t think of anything??? Ugh.)

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Fast Transitions of Stills

Pausing for a while, away from the volume of the audio and the fast transitions of stills.

I have yet to decide on what plan to apply, how to arrange designs uniformly for a more pleasing aesthetic, and to come up with strategies to let my presence be heard (or for aptness, seen).

But life lately had been a blur. I am the worst whenever I am anxious. I am still trying to convince myself that maybe I was not depressed before, maybe it was an anxiety disorder. But in truth, I don’t think we will ever know.

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