Going Analog: My Bullet Journal

One of the reasons why I started doing bullet journaling in 2013 was because it made me do things without using my phone. I mean, I can honestly just list my to-do’s and recipes and to-buy but it also means I’ll get distracted by those evil social media apps and games.

Back then though, I didn’t really pay attention to designs and just did the video Ryder Carroll showed in his original video. I won’t tackle much what it’s all about in this post because I’m sure it’s better if you look at it yourself. Visit their website for an in-depth tutorial or watch this video:


I like my journal’s design minimal so I don’t really use other colors aside from black or brown/gold. Despite that though, my pencil case is full of other pens. My niece and I even have other coloring sets that we keep in pencil tubs but I only practice calligraphy with those. Here’s what I have in my Kate-Spade-turned-BuJo pouch:

  • A yellow dotted Victoria’s Journal which is the cheaper version of Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917 but is kind of hard to find
  • Two Tombow brush pens in N35 and and N55
  • Marvy 1122 Le Plume brush pen
  • Marvy drawing pen in 1.0, 0.1, 003, and brush
  • Marvy calligraphy pen
  • Red, blue and black 2.0mm Calligraphie Pen and two more black 3.5mm and 5.0 mm
  • Mongol eraser
  • Yellow Sharpie highlighter
  • Faber Castel 2B pencil
  • Faber Castel retractable eraser
  • Double ended Zig Brushables brush pens (I don’t know the color)
  • Gold metallic Sharpie marker
  • Gold Dong-A My Metal 0.7 pen
  • 6-inch Orion ruler
  • And my favorite Pilot G-Tech-C3 pen in black and red and a G-Tech-C4 in green


A lot of people were too intimidated by the blank pages staring at them before they started their bullet journals. In my case, I was excited to just draw and design. Maybe because I did the original way that’s why it wasn’t hard for me to start again.

I know I’m not the best yet when it comes to brush lettering but I still try to do it to practice. In fact, as you browse through my current BuJo, you’ll notice so much improvements. Hahahaha!

Eww sorry, I didn’t know yet that medium brush pens existed when I made this calendar. I thought the brushes all have the same size! *face palm*

I was inspired by one of the members of BuJo PH to use Tagalog. (Join the group for inspiration and help from other Filipino journal-ers!)

I restarted my BuJo during the last week of January that’s why there’s only one spread for that month. I was previously using a gold blank Victoria’s Journal that I included in my October Favorites before I switched.

My February spreads weren’t appealing and lacked content. There were weeks when I didn’t even write because I was questioning my existence and I was (and still am) a bum so things I did were mostly household chores.

I knew I wouldn’t fill this whole wants and ideas page so I just pasted a photo of me and my niece. I also didn’t want to not use a whole spread for my weekly to-do’s.

Yep, nothing in there. I didn’t even bother to write a quote.

Speaking of quotes, I noticed that I relate to whatever quote I put for the week. It’s always connected to what happens to me in real life.

Another experimentation I did was with this Pinterest-inspired March title page. If you don’t use Pinterest… WHY?!!

I disregarded the bigger boxes like February’s because I didn’t really use that. I just wrote on the other page my to-do’s and that month’s events. I just regret designing the headings differently because it looked messy.

Believe me when I say that I didn’t intend to use the whole spread for my monthly tracker but I can only make 20 vertical or 30 horizontal boxes using the guides in one page. So, I just added unnecessary tracking like brushing my teeth at night. LOL. Oops, I barely read and worked out or even stopped eating rice.

I got this from the internet, thought I can use some romantic movies in my loveless life. CHAROT. The gray highlights are movies I’ve seen even before writing them down.

I tried tracking my sleep but didn’t maintain it because it doesn’t look neat at all.

If you noticed, I like my daily entries in boxes. But when I found Amanda Lee’s Youtube, I immediately designed the upcoming week. I worked around her spread and ended up with this:

Eww the way I wrote the quote. HAHAHAHA!

I love Amanda Lee’s spread but it wasn’t really for me. So I mixed her design and mine and came up with what I’ve been working with until now. I also added a woke-up-time tracker.

Doodle here, doodle there… but with black pens still. *wink*

I don’t know yet how to design April’s title page.

Minimalism, yep. Minimalism.

As of this writing, this is the last spread in my BuJo. I keep forgetting blog post ideas, might as well write them down, right? Oh btw, I’m using colors for the legends. AKO BA ‘TO? Hahahaha!

Anyway, this is how I make use of this journaling system. I would show you how I did this back in 2013 but I cannot find my old Moleskine. Tsaka chaka ‘yun kaya wag na natin i-compare dito. Or maybe I’ll just write again an update about this and will include it in that post. So we see how different I write before and now.

Do you prefer to buy a planner or opt to use a bullet journal like me? Who are other BuJo inspirations to follow? 😁

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  1. This is so inspiring, Jamie! I just started bullet journaling again and this time I wanna make it more consistent & serious, pero syempre fun and creative. Haha! I need more gel pens! I noticed nagiimprove nga yung spreads mo, great job! What brush do you use pala for the calligraphy? I only have a basic watercolor brush and medyo chaka isulat, and no “highlighter” effect.

    1. Gusto ko yung consistent and serious but fun and creative! Hahaha! Go hoard gel pens, they’re pretty cheap naman compared to brush pens. Sometimes I prefer faux brush lettering kasi mas madali gamitin pa nga. Hahahaha! I use all the brush pens I mentioned above. But lately I mostly use the gray Tombow to write and highlight. I want to watercolor also but I’m not sure if my journal is thick enough.

  2. Where did you buy your Victoria Journal, ate? Looking at your BuJo makes me want to work on mine, i haven’t touched it since November so I really have to update it na. Tinatamad talaga ako, and naubusan na ng ideas on what to write plus what i did the whole time was school school and house house house… I keep telling myself to redo my BuJo but haha anyways. I hope you will not forget updating yours 🙂

    1. National Bookstore! They’re hard to find that I even messaged VJ’s Facebook page. They said they’re restocking ng April. The one I bought was the second to the last dotted journal in Katipunan. Should’ve bought the other pala!

    1. Ohh!! I’ll wait for that, ate! It’s so convenient and helpful, right? I love how your spreads are so neat, too, btdubs!

          1. Jamie! It’s way past your bed time. Matulog ka na! Maglinis ka ng bahay bukas! Don’t forget to take a shower din! Maasim ka nanaman.

            1. Hahahahahahaha! Got your IP address, huy! I’m going to hunt you down! Hahhaha charot! Itulog mo yan huy. Concerned mom pa daw. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I’m one of those people who get intimidated by blank pages! So, I prefer to buy a planner. The only problem is I’m not consistent. I usually end up not using my planner. I’ve been attempting to use it too many times, but I always fail! I recently bought a weekly planner, and as of now, I’m still using it. I hope I’ll be consistent!

    I can’t be as creative as you – I’m sure if I use my bullet journal, wala akong masusulat masyado. Hahaha.

    1. To each his own, ika nga nila. At least you get things done with your weekly planner. As with the creativity, it’s just Pinterest! Hahaha, I swear! Life changer!! 😀

  4. I’ve been meaning to create my own bullet journal since last year. I bought pens na nga and my friend gave me a notebook. Pero ang tamad ko. huhu! My notebook has lines, mas gusto ko ung katulad sa inyo, ung blank pages lang talaga. I’ll try to look in NBS, hopefully meron. I love your bullet journal!

    1. Hahaha, beshy! Sipag magsulat bilang wala pang ginagawa. Sana I can keep up kahit magkaroon na ng legit na gagawin! LOL!

      1. The best thing that you can do is sleep early and don’t stay up late. You can check your blog in the morning. What you should do is get a good night sleep!

  5. I’ve been doing this since 2013 na pala (and I didn’t know it was called a bullet-journal) so I usually refer to it as my diary/planner/journal. Hahaha! It’s a good thing that a lot of people also practice this. Personally, I find it more efficient than normal planners, plus, it allows me to be more creative. ❤️ Yours is so neat and creative! I’m still experimenting on what style suits me well. I might do a post on it soon once I’ve figured it out.

    1. It’s not as neat as it looks but I try! Hahaha! I’ll wait for that BuJo post of yours! I love seeing other people’s and how unique each and everyone else’s is. 🙂

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