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I am alive! As inauthentic as that sounded, my blogging life is alive.

School had been such a bum because we were made to do so many things. So many things meaning thesis AND other major subjects. But I am so glad we’re done with it! Of course, except for a few revisions and submitting the final hardbound manuscript. Defense last week went nerve-wracking to chill pill. Ours were split into two because the other panelist was not available (hers was the calmest defense though, so it didn’t really matter). The first one, we were sautéd (ginisa, get it? Get it? No? Okay…) and were put in the hot seats. Boy, am I glad it is over!

Remember in my last blog where I said I enjoy public speaking? It’s still true, I still do. But this is thesis. THESIS! One wrong answer can catapult more (and harder) questions. It wasn’t helping that I’m not entirely in good terms with my thesismate.

To add to that, before the defense, we divided which part we will be discussing. I volunteered for a couple of parts but she insisted that I had too many, even though it was only 35% of what we were presenting. So I let her be. And then when we were already in front of the panel, she kept looking back at me as if she was asking if I was going to present that slide. UHM GURRRLLL? Didn’t we talk about that already? I looked like I didn’t want to say something when in fact it was her slide! And then when we were being questioned, she would point at me, putting me on the spot. I know we portioned out the thesis itself but that doesn’t mean it is only me who will answer the queries about the conclusion. Because I answered some of the questions directed to her as well. UGH KAIRITA GUYS.

Anyway, moving on. I feel like this update is becoming a blog about her.

I had the impulse to shoot and edit this video. I will be editing and shooting two finals project (a sports magazine show and a pillow commercial) so I need to refresh my Premiere Pro skills. (If I had one, in the first place.)

How about you, what made you angry the last couple of weeks? LOL.

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  1. Ugh kairita nga ‘yon!!! My gosh I remember my days in college LOL but well, at least that’s over, diba. Isipin mo nalang at least you got to survive it all! And good luck with all your pending school works <3

    1. Nakakatamd na though! Hahahaha ewan ko ba, kasi parang after ng thesis, feeling ko dapat wala na gagawin pero ang dami pa rin. :((((

    1. Actually, when we went outside, di na talaga ako nakapagpigil. HAHAHAHA I pointed out everything to her. Bitch fit kung bitch fit. LOL. And yesss, this weather, I CAN’T!

  2. GAAAAh I feel your thesis pains! I had a partner on the first part of my thesis. I had to drop her because the relationship was toxic and I was mostly doing the work anyway. Ended up doing my thesis alone. Best decision ever!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

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