June 2017 Faves

I can’t keep up with this Monthly Faves, I’m sorry!

But I’m making bawi by posting this month’s and plotting different blog posts that I’m almost done writing on my June calendar. Lol who am I kidding? I have so may unfinished drafts waiting to be published. (Oh God, typical me, trying to climb up and then pulling my own weight down. LABO.)

But really, I will because it is my birthday month!! Hurrahh!!

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March 2017 Favorites

For someone who cannot commit to regular posting, monthly favorites is such a life saver.

Disclaimer: Not everything in here are last month’s fave. In fact, a lot of these had been in my list from the last time I posted in October up to last month.

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Monthly Favorites: Gold October

Hello! I’m so sad that Raisa and Eirene decided to end this link-up but I’m pretty sure I’ll post things like this every so often.

Anyway, it has been more than a year since my last monthly faves! I kept repeating to myself that I will start with January and continue until December so at least there’s something constant in this blog but it’s already October and this is my first entry. Good Lord! But let’s start!


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