Feast on Feast on Feast

Fiesta is one of my favorite things in the province.

For one, you are served with not just one, not just two, not just three, (okay, I actually lost count) but many dishes that you can imagine. It even doubles because whenever you visit a relative’s house, they surely will make you eat. I have three aunts who celebrated that day’s festivity, by the way.

Secondly, being the Culinary Capital of the country,┬áKapampangans cook the best tasting dishes ever. Partially bias, I know, but I’ve never really had bad-tasting food by someone who hails from Pampanga.

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A Little Down Time in Pampanga

Went back to Pampanga to celebrate the birthday of my mother’s sister Nanay Mely. It was such a great day to be there albeit the heat. Thanks to my very loud family (something Kapampangans are known for besides food LOL), we all had so much fun just talking and reminiscing the good ol’ times. My older cousins used to just baby sit us, now we drink with them too. Hehe. Special mention btw to whoever invented the air conditioning unit. Life saver!

Bree bree
My nine year old niece who is almost 5 feet tall now.

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A ray of sunshine

Last week, I did a photography gig with my high school friends Elai, Marco, and his beau Franco. Elisha, Elai’s little sister will be celebrating her birthday next month. I told her I can do the shoot because I wanted to test my skills and so I could add more photos in my portfolio. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Narrowed the pictures from 400+ to 63 and these are some of my favorites! ­čÖé

I’m not a photography genius but I enjoyed that day and loved how the ones below turned out. I hope you do, too! ­čÖé



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