Senti Sabado: Pait

One of my 2016 goals was to write more Tagalog entries. Although this certain composition was written in early 2013 (or December 2012, I forget), it was written in Tagalog for our Retorika class in college. We were asked to write about different given topic each week, and this was under the category damdamin (feelings).

It’s about high school and what comes after it; tried writing it the most dramatic way albeit short and really nonsensical for some people. But still, enjoy! 🙂

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Sunday Currently: The Bum Life

Hello, unemployment! Hello, real world! Am I really ready for this?


Landline by Rainbow Rowell had been waiting for me for more than a year now (truth be told, it’s gathering dust on top of my bookshelf) but I need to finish Fangirl first before I go on and reading it. I can’t just start with a new one without finishing the old one. Anybody guilty like me?


I have two drafts about quitting: smoking and blogging.

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“Busy” Bee

I am alive! As inauthentic as that sounded, my blogging life is alive.

School had been such a bum because we were made to do so many things. So many things meaning thesis AND other major subjects. But I am so glad we’re done with it! Of course, except for a few revisions and submitting the final hardbound manuscript. Defense last week went nerve-wracking to chill pill. Ours were split into two because the other panelist was not available (hers was the calmest defense though, so it didn’t really matter). The first one, we were sautéd (ginisa, get it? Get it? No? Okay…) and were put in the hot seats. Boy, am I glad it is over!

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