A Girl’s Point (And Shoot)

I have always been fascinated with music photography. It started in 2010, albeit with non-existential gears, when I suddenly was into OPM bands. I was still a noob in the industry then, having only my friend’s cameras to play with. I remember hating how low the aperture and ISO their cameras had back then. (I’m just glad the I have a 50mm lens to use now.) Last year, I got to cover my first ever concert in La Salle.

I wrote this a few years back in the middle of my eagerness to do just that. I interviewd Niña Sandejas, who’s one of my favorite music photographers (and a woman at that), to know more about the interesting industry she belongs in. Below is the copy of the article:

The clamor for photography may be an effect of strenuous social media and networking sites. Although far from the more popular studio photography and the modern “selfies” and “phoneography,” music photography had set a different record for the still art. Niña Sandejas, one of the growing numbers of female music photographers in the country, takes us to what is up and about, and how this camerawork shoots.

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Senti Sabado: Pait

One of my 2016 goals was to write more Tagalog entries. Although this certain composition was written in early 2013 (or December 2012, I forget), it was written in Tagalog for our Retorika class in college. We were asked to write about different given topic each week, and this was under the category damdamin (feelings).

It’s about high school and what comes after it; tried writing it the most dramatic way albeit short and really nonsensical for some people. But still, enjoy! 🙂

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Message in a Notepad

A couple of years back, I started an offline letter series to somebody I haven’t met, my future boyfriend. I was 18 then, and at 21 now, I still haven’t come across any paths with who it will be. I wrote three consecutive times in November of 2011 when I first started it. I then stumbled upon a folder labeled “Future” in my Documents two years after and realized that I haven’t written in a long while. And then I forgot about it again. And during one lonely day in July 2014, I wrote my latest message.

This certain letter I am going to share is the fourth one and was noted down exactly two years ago. I shared this to my college barkada without knowing how cheesy I was and could be. Right now, I’m still contemplating sharing in this blog all what I wrote. In the future, perhaps? (See what I did there LOL)

Dear Future Boyfriend,

The first time I wrote to you was almost two years ago. I stopped until the third one. I didn’t forget about love, don’t worry. It’s just that I got busy with different things.

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Looking Back

On Senti Saturdays, I try to revive, resuscitate, bring back a blog post that had been drafted a couple of months or years back. I currently have 30 unpublished articles (including the one below) that are waiting to be edited, continued, or just simply publicized.

This one was written on October 21, 2012:

Looking back, I would like to think I was a cool kid in high school. Or in my old school for that matter because I have only been admitted to two schools my entire life, including where I am enrolled now. I would also like to think I was a badass, or I was one of those who people looked at whenever I passed by (not because I’m pretty but because of possible authoritative feeling), or somebody who was so good at everything people thought she’s so witty and intelligent. When in reality, in high school, I wasn’t at all cool.

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