Feast on Feast on Feast

Fiesta is one of my favorite things in the province.

For one, you are served with not just one, not just two, not just three, (okay, I actually lost count) but many dishes that you can imagine. It even doubles because whenever you visit a relative’s house, they surely will make you eat. I have three aunts who celebrated that day’s festivity, by the way.

Secondly, being the Culinary Capital of the country, Kapampangans cook the best tasting dishes ever. Partially bias, I know, but I’ve never really had bad-tasting food by someone who hails from Pampanga.

I just wish though that I got to show the food. Hahaha! We just spent the day taking pictures outside (they’re all below this post), where you can see such a scenic view, and telling ghost stories until the old ones called us out to eat.

Here’s a vlog for ya.

P.S. What do you think about the video—how it was edited and shot?


Yep, my cousin and I were accidentally twinning that day!

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