First of all, welcome to this new space.

I know, I know, it looks almost the same as my wordpress one but I’m still undecided if I should change my theme or not. But my real plan is: I write a few posts here and there, and then finally, if ever I don’t like this anymore, I’ll customize one. But knowing me, I’d rather not write than do everything from scratch. Don’t get me wrong though, I have basic knowledge in designing but it gets tiring most of the time. That’s why free themes are such life savers.

But of course, being such a lazy ass was never the point of registering a domain. It actually is the opposite, straying away from being idle way too long. I’m just scared (here you go again, Jamie) that I might not be able to fulfil my duties and responsibilities as your chosen blogger. Charot!

Anyway, I should probably sleep because it is six freaking A.M. I’ll compose a more in-depth blog post once my brain has been refreshed and a lot more creative.

Later! 🙂

P.S. The title is Howdy because it is how greets me. LOL

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