June 2017 Faves

I can’t keep up with this Monthly Faves, I’m sorry!

But I’m making bawi by posting this month’s and plotting different blog posts that I’m almost done writing on my June calendar. Lol who am I kidding? I have so may unfinished drafts waiting to be published. (Oh God, typical me, trying to climb up and then pulling my own weight down. LABO.)

But really, I will because it is my birthday month!! Hurrahh!!

Anyway, let’s go back to the real purpose of this post.

I’ve been wanting to buy this for so long ever since I saw the set in a BuJo-related video on Youtube. Before my sister bought this Faber-Castell 6 Pitt Artist Pens for me, I wasn’t a fan of thick ballpoints and I’ve always loved the GTech C3 for writing. But variation is the solution when you want to decorate your BuJo but stay minimalistic. Although, if I knew sooner that I can buy individual pens, I would’ve opted to do so.

And I did just that. I got this SB type brush pen separately because only the 8pc set of Faber Castell has it. I like this because I can write on small empty spaces on my journal! 😀

It’s so sad that I wasn’t born with long lashes and thick brows. Thank God for makeup and these affordable Taiwan Lashes #217 which only costed me 45 php! They’re so lightweight that I don’t feel like I am wearing them. Oh, I also got #219! Next time I go to Divisoria, I’ll surely buy the fuller ones!

I randomly saw this glue tape when I was scanning for dotted notebooks inside the department store of SM. (There are so many hidden gems in there!) And as always, when I’m not looking for that one thing I searched for everywhere, I find it.

I decided to watch Gilmore Girls when I was scanning for a new series to wash my thought off of Scandal. That show was so stressful and everything seemed to happen all at the same time. I needed a show to watch in between that, a feel-good show! I kept seeing Gilmore Girls on the Netflix homepage so I gave it a try. And I loved it! I’m only on season two but this mother and daughter tandem got into me. It’s like I’m watching One Tree Hill and Hart of Dixie rolled into one. I did not say that just because Chad Michael Murray was part of the show and that the studio they used is the same as Dixie’s Bluebell but because the vibe was the same.


I discovered Peter McKinnon‘s channel the other night and thought I’d share it here because he has very useful and easy how to’s about photography. He shares so many info about photography that newbies can learn from. Check out his channel if you want to see all his videos!

What are your favorites at this moment? I’d love to know!

*photo from Unsplash.com

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  1. Idk why but I’m really fascinated with pens, too. I used to not care so much about them pero nung na-realize ko yung pwedeng gawin with different types of pens, mas na-appreciate ko sila. Lalo with bullet journaling! Haha. I feel more efficient when my writing is neat and organized.

    1. Ako din! Sobrang Gtec all the way ako dati para neat tignan kapag pare-parehas. Pero neat pa rin naman pala kahit may thicker na lines etc. Hehe!

  2. That’s a lot of different pens, sayang, I’m a stick to one kind of girl. Pilot ballpen is all I need. hahaha!

    Taiwan lashes in 218 is also nice. 🙂

    I’m curious, what’s the difference between your glue tape to other types of correction tape in the bookstore? hehehe

    1. Hahaha! I try to stick to one too. My writing pen has been with me for more than a year na!

      I was supposed to get 218 kaso wala na. 🙁

      It isn’t a correction tape! It’s like a double sided tape put in a correction tape packaging!

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