Monthly Favorites: Gold October

Hello! I’m so sad that Raisa and Eirene decided to end this link-up but I’m pretty sure I’ll post things like this every so often.

Anyway, it has been more than a year since my last monthly faves! I kept repeating to myself that I will start with January and continue until December so at least there’s something constant in this blog but it’s already October and this is my first entry. Good Lord! But let’s start!


iPhone 6s

I’ve had this phone for five months now but I’m including it here (hehe!) An iPhone is an iPhone, whatever purpose you may have; mine was simply an upgrade. Also because, I love how stabilized this phone’s camera is (perfect for vlogging) and how light it is compared to my DSLR. The audio is also good (one of the best features of any Mac product) and only registers the loudest sound and almost mutes the background noises. I don’t have the money to upgrade to the new iPhone 7 but I also don’t think it’s practical to do so. Maybe next year for their 10th anniversary (I’m pretty sure I am more financially stable by then a.k.a. employed, hahaha!)


Aldo Watch

My friend Jec gave this to me as a graduation and birthday gift. There are five straps that you can interchange whenever you feel like it. I have other watches that I use but I love how I can mix this up with whatever I’m wearing and feeling that day.


Victoria’s Journals (Blank)

I recently bought this because my Moleskin journal is so worn out (there was something that was spilled while it was in my bag). And because I wanted to continue Bullet Journaling, but this time, with designs! I was just doing the original way of BuJo but seeing Rej and Corinth’s posts made me realize I should make my entries pretty. The main purpose I started BuJo in 2013 was because I was so fed up with my old planners that had too many designs.

I chose the blank one because, like what I always say, I write straighter without lines. I should have bought the dotted ones though so I have guides whenever I design or draw lines. But still, this is a bargain because it costs so much cheaper than the Moleskin!! I was set to buying the black one but this was to pretty to pass up on! 😍


Sharpie, Pilot G-Tech, Marvy Calligraphy, and Marvy Le Plume

I use these pens in designing my journal. I’m trying to stick to minimalism as of the moment because color is too much for me right now.

I’ve been experimenting with the thickness of different pens so that I get used to them. I’m actually more of a thin-writing-pen girl (if there’s such a thing) because I always associate thick ones with messy notes. I loved writing in high school and college and the Point-three G-Tech had always been my go-to. I still need to practice calligraphy because I suck at it. Anyone knows any calligraphy and brush writing workshops? Anyone who wants to go with me? 😀

That’s it for me this month. If you want to join, write a post about it and click the banner below to submit your entry and so we can all see them!

Have a golden October y’all! ❤️

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