On restarting and uncertainty

Hello? Mic. Test. Mic. Test. Mic.

Going on a break from the blogging community had resulted to a good outcome. For one, I think about so many potential topics to write about; mostly personal thoughts, oftentimes relatable experiences.

BREAK: It feels weird to literally type. I haven’t written anything in a long, long time.

As of this writing, I still don’t know what domain to register. My old URL is now expired and is more expensive than ever. So, if you’re reading this right now, I’m so sure I have finally unearthed something to call this place. (Anxiety: what if you don’t think of anything??? Ugh.)

I asked my blogger friend Jhanz about my domain, somehow thinking she can give light into this darkness of a situation. But we just ended up laughing at the domains I proposed (beautifuljamie.com what the hell, right?) and she even made it even funnier by suggesting SoBeriPrettyJamie.com.

One more problem is what I will be writing about. Can’t I just be like a Saab Magalona and have her interesting life and just write about what goes on in my day and people would still read it? How I wish!

But I’m positive I will write about my fitness journey, something I put off once in a while because I’m perpetually tired almost always.

But I don’t want to be trapped in a box. I don’t want to claim that this is going to be a fitness blog and not write about it consistently. Or make it a personal blog and not be interesting enough. Or a lifestyle blog and not have any energy to actually live it. You know what I mean?

Something I do know I want to do: write. Write as if I was in high school but with a better set of vocabulary and a wider sense of fulfillment. Write as if my life depends on it. And come back to loving actual writing.

You know when they say you don’t really lose the love you have for someone you broke up with? I think this is just like that. The only difference is that, I went back. I’m coming back. I’m back.

Wait, enough about me. So how are you?

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  1. Welcome back, Jamie! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just keep doing what you love and make something out of it 🙂 Also, I’m so excited to read about your fitness journey. I myself have been wanting to start being fit but is kind of struggling to start so I read other’s stories to motivate myself haha.

    1. Thank you, Danica! 🙂 I’m already working on my first fitness post. I also read up on people’s progress so I get motivated. Hihi.

  2. There was a time when I was so inactive in blogging that I barely posted because nothing interesting was happening in my life. I thought I would give up blogging but then I got caught up in the beauty and fashion community and heck, now I found something to write about! So I know you, too, will always find one that’s worthy to blog about if you have things that you enjoy doing or love. 🙂 Best of luck on your blogging career!

    Lyka Chiang

    1. I really though I was over blogging but I guess what you like doing will always find a way to come back to you (or the other way around. Hahaha!) You too, Lyka! 🙂

  3. Ang sakit, hindi mo ginamit yung SoBeriPrettyJamie.com!!!! Hahaha! Welcome back, Jamie!!! The blogging world missed you and your fun personality. :*

    1. Hahaha! Hindi ko ginamit kasi halata naman! CHAROT!! Thank you, Jhanz!! Also, I want that “fun personality” to exude in this blog. Sana! Hahahaha!

  4. Welcome back, Jamie! Thinking of a nice domain is one of the hardest parts in setting up a blog for me. Imagine sticking to that name for years! haha! It’s absolutely okay to take a break from blogging, I did that several times. And yes, it did help me find inspiration for my future posts. 🙂

    Hope to read more of your posts!

    1. I know! I said I was going to write about my previous domain name to justify it but I guess it wasn’t really me so I didn’t have the willpower to explain. But I’ll surely make kwento why thejamiejab! Hihi. Thank you! 🙂

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