Sunday Currently: The Bum Life

Hello, unemployment! Hello, real world! Am I really ready for this?


Landline by Rainbow Rowell had been waiting for me for more than a year now (truth be told, it’s gathering dust on top of my bookshelf) but I need to finish Fangirl first before I go on and reading it. I can’t just start with a new one without finishing the old one. Anybody guilty like me?


I have two drafts about quitting: smoking and blogging.


Gandang Gabi Vice is playing in the background. Even if I look at the television, our cable’s signal is so bad, there’s no point in watching.


Of all the adult-ing I shall be doing. Can you believe I’ve been budgeting my “income.”


Pizza! I just had one. We celebrated Father’s Day and my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary by indulging in oily food. Hahaha!


Honestly, I’m not wishing for any material thing right now. Since I graduated last June 6, I feel like my life’s complete. I still can’t believe I’m a degree holder. It took me seven years, so I guess it’s acceptable that I’m still in awe of everything. 😉


My blue corduroy shorts and a green and yellow tee.


My new hair! Also!!! Does anybody remember Kokuryu? Most oldies use this as their foundation. My God, it’s so inexpensive and super effective!!! My makeup artist friend recommended it to me because I needed one that doesn’t melt with my sweat. The time of our graduation was hot!

IMG_0901  IMG_1220


A bigger memory for my laptop. Or a Macbook Pro upgrade, please? ALSO! The Fujifilm X-10! GAHHH!


I need to setup everything for work application (aka update my resume, etc.) and throw away all unnecessary college trash.


Happy and contented. Despite mother not being here, I feel complete. Everything seems to go my way. Looking back, a year ago, I was a total mess. I had so many inhibitions, I wanted to end my life, I was the worst. But I am so different from that person now.  I am genuinely happy. 🙂

  • This Macchiato Macaron from Tasty that I really, really want to try. I heard almond flour is expensive!

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  1. Congratulations on graduating! Congratulations to your parents, too! 🙂 Just a piece of unsolicited advice, don’t let six months go by without getting a job. Sometimes, they ask why it took you so long to apply for jobs (of course, with the exception that no one’s hiring you). Enjoy the freedom, but stay proactive, too. 🙂
    Jae recently posted…Insta Lately: Vol. 16My Profile

    1. Thank you, ate Jae! I decided to take a rest for a month and then find a job after my birthday. I’m doing all sorts of cleaning so I can start fresh, either with handouts or other things college related. 😂

      1. That’s good! Basta keep yourself busy, polish your CV, but also enjoy being out of school (if that makes any sense). Haha! 😉

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