Looking Back

On Senti Saturdays, I try to revive, resuscitate, bring back a blog post that had been drafted a couple of months or years back. I currently have 30 unpublished articles (including the one below) that are waiting to be edited, continued, or just simply publicized.

This one was written on October 21, 2012:

Looking back, I would like to think I was a cool kid in high school. Or in my old school for that matter because I have only been admitted to two schools my entire life, including where I am enrolled now. I would also like to think I was a badass, or I was one of those who people looked at whenever I passed by (not because I’m pretty but because of possible authoritative feeling), or somebody who was so good at everything people thought she’s so witty and intelligent. When in reality, in high school, I wasn’t at all cool.

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