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I started reading in grade school. The usual kiddie book like my favorite Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I had a pop-up version and I even memorized it! The first ever novel that I read was Jessica Haggerthwaite: Media Star. I don’t know where it is now but it made me love the hobby more. If only I have so much money, I think I would’ve chosen to buy more than read ebooks. Huhu what is broke life.

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There is only One Tree Hill ♥

I got through High School without the help of any music, books, or in this case, a TV show. I survived High School with over thinking, and sleeping, and not studying and still passing and sometimes getting in the top list. No show was there to help me grasp what was really going on. Unlike many other viewers, One Tree Hill was non-existent in my pre-teen and teen phase.

I only had two basic reasons why I watched the show. First, because Chad Michael Murray was part of the cast. Second, because I thought (humiliating as it may seem because I didn’t do my research) Mischa Barton was also in it and I would love to see her and Chad together. (Well then, I was wrong. Mischa was part of The OC.)

I started watching the show during my semestral break, October of 2011. I downloaded everything from season one all the way to the latest episode, it was still season 8 then. I would then watch in between boredom and nothing else to do, which pretty much is all the time. And then second sem had to start and I had to lessen the dose of the boob tube. Last night, 3rd of April 2012, I finished One Tree Hill Season 9 – Episode 12.

The show is ending…

And then it hit me. Hard.

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