March 2017 Favorites

For someone who cannot commit to regular posting, monthly favorites is such a life saver.

Disclaimer: Not everything in here are last month’s fave. In fact, a lot of these had been in my list from the last time I posted in October up to last month.

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Friday's 10 Happy Things // 4

Hello!! This week was great. I’m more excited for the next one because I start with work. Yayyyy!!

But here are the things that made it extra special:

  1. Reuniting with my CommArts friends, who all have graduated, during Mar’s birthday yesterday at Heat. The last time I saw Orange was March of last year during their grad celebration at Urbn. Honggtogooolll!!
    Me, Preets, Mar, Orange, and Lis! We miss you Jec!! <3
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