Vee-LOG: October Diary + What Was Up

Woohoo! We made it through October. Can you believe though that it means 10 months had gone by? How is time that fast? I didn’t even realize until I heard Christmas songs and people suddenly posting holiday related ones.


I had a rough October, to be honest. I started with surprises for my niece’s 11th birthday and those really made her happy (and her being cheerful makes me giddy as well!) And then things eventually came down with many little heartaches. It felt weird to be sad after a long, long, long time and to think I’ve been handling my emotions perfectly well since I announced to the world my depression. That Instagram post made it easy for me to cope up and I knew that when I felt down just a couple of days ago, I had to post it up here. (Read: I just want to say how tired I am…)

I didn’t get the job I really wanted (it was in my dream company), my weight issue of course is another problem, one of my fave magazines is shutting down, and then missing Mama more.

Honestly, nothing eventful actually happened during October but I’m so glad it’s over. I’m excited for the coming months because it means Mama’s arrival is nearing, it’s almost the holidays, and I can still apply for other jobs that are more fitting to my ~*skiLLz*~. Also, the weight issue? I can workout more to improve myself.

How’s that for positivity? *wink*

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