What I Truly Feel

For a few days now, I’ve been itching to create something.


I want to create content.

But I have also been feeling a little iffy about my work/s.

There’s always that fear that I might not deliver, that I did not deliver; or that it might not be given attention. This is hard because I (used to) think that I don’t need an audience. But I do. I really do.

I was going through the pictures I shot when we went to Rainbow Dreams Café and the Under The Sea Café last week. And although the colors were nice because of the restaurants’ aesthetics, I still feel like I underperformed. Like I could have taken better photos but I was too preoccupied with meeting this set of blogger friends for the first time. Or I hate that my videos were all too freaking shaky and lack substance so I can’t even create a no-speaking vlog. (How do you even call those vlogs?)

I always, always feel this way.

How do I even keep up?

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  1. Hi, Jamie! It was sooooo nice to see you last time in Rainbow Dreams Cafe & Under the Sea cafe! I hope there’ll be next time din. I had so much fun with you, girls!

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